Building brighter futures through play.

At Bubbleship we are experts in making high-quality games and interactive experiences that help children of all ages & abilities learn in a way that's both enjoyable and effective.


Bubbleship is a specialty division of Conduct established in 2008. We collaborate with experts in play, tech and design to create digital adventures aimed at igniting wonder in young minds.

Playful technology

At Bubbleship, we use innovative technology to create engaging digital experiences for children while promoting positive behavioural change. We lean on a variety of platforms and tools, all with a focus on enabling children to learn through play.

Design with substance

We understand the importance of creating experiences that are evidence-based for young players. Our approach combines theory of change and human-centred design - this keeps children’s needs front of mind throughout the design process. We also collaborate with educators, play therapists, and experts in child psychology and safe gaming environments to ensure everything we do is grounded in the latest research.

Above all - Make it fun!

Play encourages children to experiment, problem-solve, and take risks, which are essential skills for development. The experiences we design prioritise fun. By incorporating educational concepts, we provide players with an entertaining and stimulating experience that promotes active learning and improves information retention.

Our Focus

Our like-minded partners share our focus and commitment to bettering the lives of young people through immersive digital experiences.

K-12 Education

Engaging digital learning products developed in collaboration with educators and families.


Experiences designed to prepare and comfort kids undergoing medical procedures.


Gamification projects designed to demonstrate that small actions can have a big impact.


Interactive products to help build community, create awareness and change behaviour.

Industry Partners

Evidence-based digital activities for impact-driven businesses who work with kids.

Disability sector

Supportive and thoroughly tested experiences to nurture and encourage diverse needs.

Expert Team

Meet the people who make it happen. We champion boldness, curiosity and creativity.


Design Lead

James leads a talented design team dedicated to engaging young minds and promoting growth in a fun way. He has a storied history of creative direction and has helped Bubbleship evolve to where we are today.


Lead Game Developer

Thomas is passionate about the growing gaming industry in Australia. His expertise in programming languages and game engines is the backbone of Bubbleship’s seamless gameplay experiences.


Design Director

Simon has been at the helm of delivering high impact, evidence-based experiences for over 20 years. He brings a wealth of experience in user-centred design and digital innovation to Bubbleship.


Project Manager

Sean works with our partners, designers and technologists to give life to ideas. He’s an expert problem solver, collaborator and manages all aspects of project planning and execution.



Chelsea is our UX and visual design specialist. Her ability to blend aesthetic appeal with usability ensures everything we do looks great, is accessible and provides an optimal user experience.


Music and Voice Specialist

Mia works extensively as both a music maker and voice actor in tv, animation, games and theatre for children, drawing on her expertise as an educator in singing, songwriting and music technology.


Child Development Specialist

Siobhan brings 20 years of experience across education, health and non-profit sectors. She helps children process emotions and improve communication through play-based interventions and a range of therapeutic techniques and modalities.


QA & Test Analyst

Luv brings over 10 years of experience to the team. He maintains our high-performance standards with meticulous and rigorous analysis of the experiences we produce together.

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